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Uruguayan hemp

for the world

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Our Advantages, Your Gain

We have carefully selected our base country, production facilities location, cultivation land and operations management team. The combination offers competitive advantages that are our clients' gain. (Read more)

Quality production and world outreach assured.

Qualified labor force,

connectivity and post-harvest

facilities available.

First class developed land

on a privileged location.

Licensed operation, multi specialized team experienced

in agribusiness.

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Route 8, km 49.900

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Gulick is licensed by Dirección General de Servicios Agrícolas for hemp and non-psychoactive cannabis cultivation. Our aim is to develop into a large and solid operator in the legal medicinal cannabis, hemp fiber, construction and textile industries in our country. We emphasize processes and cultivations under sustainable pratices, high efficiency and large scale. Current land use is 100 hectares plus 4 hectares under irrigation with expansion plans for up to 300 hectares.

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